Tee Shirt Quilts

Tee Shirt Quilts

A tee shirt quilt is a fabulous graduation gift!
Send Striker Quilts your old t-shirts, and we’ll create a masterpiece that you will treasure for years.

This tee shirt quilt includes a section of soccer-inspired stitching to match the soccer tee shirt.

To have your tee shirts turned into a quilt, please contact me through this site.  We will then arrange a time to meet or talk on the phone.  All of my quilts are custom – no two are alike so I want you to be part of the process.    We will discuss which tees are most important for you to have in the quilt, the size quilt you want and color choices.   I help you choose fabrics for the front and back that will complement your individual tee shirts. I do not have “stock” fabrics.

Once I have a better understanding of your wishes, I will prepare two or three designs for you to review.  Only after you approve a design will I begin working with the tees shirts. All tee shirts will be stabilized with a light weight fusible product.  This will not add stiffness or weight to your quilt but will keep the tee shirts and clothes from puckering when quilted.  The tee shirts will be cut depending on the image – no standard size or cut off pieces.

Once the top is prepared, your quilt will be quilted by an experienced long-arm quilter.  Each block will be quilted based on the image on the tee shirt.  A light-weight cotton batting will be used between the layers.

The quilt carries many memories of growing up and will always be treasured by my son.  It made the perfect high school graduation gift.  FK