Clothes Quilts

Clothes Quilts

Just about any clothes can be turned into a quilt….cotton, corduroy, denim, flannel, nylons and polyester. As with tee shirt quilts, all your clothes will be backed with a light-weight fusible to provide stability.  And the three layers – the top, batting and back — will be quilted by an experienced long-arm quilter.

The clothes can be cut for “crazy” blocks – as in Papa’s Pants or Toddler Clothes –

— or large pieces or images can be cut out and assembled into blocks – as in the Our Sons quilts or the Baby Boy quilt.

Men’s dress shirts were used to make this special quilt.  We used the front pockets with initials as the blocks and cut strips from all the shirts to surround them.

men's dress shirts

With the remaining shirt pieces, a back was pieced together.

shirts back

A mother asked that a wall hanging be made from her daughter’s handprints, which had been done each year. We added a baby picture and block with her birth date, weight and place.