Baby Quilts

Baby Quilts

While babies no longer have blankets or quilts in their cribs, a custom quilt is still a great gift for new parents. It can hang in the nursery, be used for tummy time, or taken along in the car. We will help you design a quilt for your couple based on their décor or tastes. Baby quilts may be personalized by adding a block with the baby’s name, birthdate and/or weight. The photographs here are examples of baby quilts previously made.

baby quilt frogs
baby quilt Hugs & kisses
Another boy!  Made from the sheets being used in the crib.

This baby boy quilt was made from the sheets used in the baby’s nursery,

baby boy quilt - made from the baby clothes of the father

This quilt was made from the father’s old baby clothes.


This Dr. Seuss quilt was combined with books as a baby gift.