About Me

I started quilting over 25 years ago, back when fabric was cut with scissors, templates were made from cardboard and stitching was done by hand. My first quilts were small wall hangings and baby quilts for friends. But the arrival of my two sons and my work as an editor left little time for quilting.

Fast forward to 2003. My youngest son was about to leave for college, and I wanted to make a quilt for his dorm room. I discovered rotary cutters, plastic templates and sewing machines equipped with software. His quilt was done in time for the fall semester, and I was hooked!

After that, I decided to “do what I love” and now spend my time working with clients to take their ideas and turn them into a quilt they will treasure.

I’m often asked why the name Striker. Both my sons were soccer players (goalie and sweeper) and when we added a miniature poodle to the family in 1995, we needed a “striker.” As my sons grew up, went to college and started jobs, Striker was my constant companion. He would curl up and sleep on a chair in my quilt room while I worked, just reminding me when it was time to eat or go out and play.

-Michele Newman